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Our Concerns for Stalybridge Town

April 13, 2019

One of our concerns regarding the Labour Controlled Council is the stifling of the democratic process by using up valuable council debating time on national issues.  We want the Council and our Councillors to debate and vote on local and residents issues.

The building of flats in the town centre again with inadequate car parking spaces approved by the Council.  Rubbish bins in Play areas. Residents are constantly going out on litter picks and surrounding streets.

Fly Tipping. You have seen through Media that this is getting out of control.

Selling off Car Parking Land. The Town Centre parking is totally inadequate for residents and visitors (excluding Tesco 3hrs and Aldi 90 minutes).

Look around and you see empty new units priced out of local business range. Summers Quay built to 'enhance' Armentieres Square.  Is this regeneration?  Your M.P. and Councillors are fully aware of this. How long are they to stay empty?

Derelict premises for decades, some of which are owned by the Council and the Greater Manchester Pension Scheme.

Our concerns are that just even these few things (and there are many others) will result in positive change until these are resolved.


Everywhere we go residents are shouting out for change. 


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