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2019 Local Elections

April 5, 2019

The 2019 Local Elections take place on Thursday 2nd May and we will be fielding 2 candidates.


David McGovern will stand in Dukinfield/Stalybridge ward and Lee Stafford in Stalybridge North Ward. 


We do not have a candidate standing in Stalybridge South ward because  we simply did not have a suitable candidate available. We are dedicated, passionate and serious about what we are hoping to achieve and anyone who stands as a candidate needs all those attributes as well as a the time and ability to fulfil the role of councillor if elected.


Since the 2018 elections, 2 people who stood as candidates last year have left the party and chosen to stand as independent candidates in their own right.


Stalybridge Town Party are not aiming to be a 'short-term protest' against Tameside Council, we are here for the long-haul, to provide representation for the people of the town and to ultimately deliver the kind of services and change the town's residents want and deserve.


If you are interested in joining us with a view to standing as a candidate in the future, please get in touch. We would also appreciate a few helpers to deliver leaflets if at all possible.


Feel free to contact us by e-mail. We would love to hear from you!

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